The $10,000 
45 Day Body Transformation Competition!
Win One Of The CASH Prizes And Change Your Body And Your Life
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Here's The Skinny...
The competition is about helping you set and conquer your goals.
The money is added motivation to finally push yourself to achieve the body - and the life - that you truly want.

We want to make this a Fun, Fulfilling Experience and help you launch into 2018 with serious momentum!
How The Winners Are Chosen
There are 3 categories examined in selecting a winner:

1. Your Physical Transformation.
This is judged on how different you look after your 45 days.

2. Number of pounds lost.
Another factor judged is how much weight you lose. You can also submit before and after body fat % reading if that is a more appropriate description of your transformation. (ie: you added muscle mass and changed your body composition)

3. Your Story.
We want to push you to dig deep and give this your all. When you do - you'll experience transformations on the inside too. This is just as important as your physical transformation. You will develop more focus, drive and determination that will make a difference not just in the next 45 days but for the rest of your life. At the end of your 45 days you will submit a video sharing your accomplishments.

[Congrats to the 2017 Grand Prize winner Chris Lalonde!]
Tons Of Motivation, Amazing Community & Support
A chance to win the first prize of $7000 is insanely motivating but most important is the satisfaction you will feel from the benefits of the effort you put in to setting and achieving your goals. You will have the support of all the coaches and your fellow members but also be connected to many others receiving additional support through our closed Facebook group.

Begin your 45 days between January 3rd and February 20th.


All K2 locations.


Just $20 to get registered in the 45 day program. (must be a K2 member)

Competion Rules and FAQ
Important Dates:
- You must be registered into the competition and begin your 45 days between January 3rd and February 20th.
- Judging begins in April
- Winners will be announced in May

How Do I Register/Enter?
Register online at to enter the competition. Submissions will be accepted between January 3rd - February 20th, 2018.

Is There A Fee?
There is a $20 fee to participate in the 45 day program and access to the competition payable online at You will be entered in the 45 day program. (you must be a K2 member) This will give you access to the closed Facebook group, bonus classes, and of course entry in the competition.

Who Can Compete?
At K2 we like to do insane and fun activities for our members and this is one of them!  You must have a current K2 membership to participate.

Not a member yet? Register Here for the web special and details on membership - You get 3 awesome classes + a private training session + hand wraps for just 19.99!

What Are The Prizes?
Grand Prize: $7000
2nd Place: $1500
3rd Place: $500
4th - 7th Place: $250 each

What Should My Starting Photos Be Like?
Full body pics with good lighting are required to win. 
- Have a newspaper with your start date visible in the picture to mark your 45 day start date.
- You need a front facing full body pic, side facing full body pic, and a back of body, full body pic.
- Please wear form fitting clothes, we need to be able to see the before and after for fair judging.

Most recommanded clothing are a sports bra for women, form fitting tank tops, workout shorts. Some men remove their shirts.

How you display your transformation is up to you and your comfort level - However make sure some clothing is present (no nudes)!

Can I Enter After I Buy Only The K2 $19.99 Web Special?
Yes you can enter the competition right from the trial but you must however be a full member to complete the competition and qualify for the judging portion and still be a member when the winners are announced. This is a internal competition for K2 members and we of course welcome new clients but it is not open to the public.

How Do I Win?
Here's what you need:
- Be a member. Again, this is an internal competition for K2 members. New members are welcome to compete but it is not open to the public.
- Register online and pay the $20 fee.
- Attend at least 15 K2 classes during your 45 day period. (these will be verified at each location)
- Upload your starting and ending pictures. 
- Upload ending video, meeting all competition requirements.
- Conquer your goals and feel empowered about your transformation!

Ending Photo Requirements:
You must submit your final photos within 72 hours of your 45 day completion.

- Have a K2 logo in the shot! A shirt, shorts, gloves, etc MUST be in the picture.
- Well lit, front/side/rear full body shots.
- Use a clean background.
- Try to use the same clothes as your starting photos. (form fitting K2 attire is preffered)
- NO FILTERS or photo edits - Just submit the raw image.
- K2 attire is preffered - Generic solid colored gym attire without any large or noticeable logos is acceptable. No attire from any other gym or fitness facility is allowed.

Video Requirements:
A short video recounting your experience and successes will need to be uploaded after your 45 days.

We want to see your highlight reel! like a personalized commercial or even a montage video recounting your transformation.

- 1 to 2 minutes long.
- Why you started your fitness journey.
- What motivates you to keep going.
- Did you feel like giving up? what did you do to push yourself through.
- Any lifestyle changes that came about because of your new found fitness!

Additional Competition Information and Rules:

*All materials entered pertaining to the competition become the property of K2 for use in promoting the competition, and the K2 programs in general.

*All participants must be 18 years or older, residents of Ottawa Ontario and members of K2.

*Although we will do our best to overcome any technical difficulties with competition participants, we are ultimately not responsible for failed submissions or technical difficulties preventing timely access to participation in the competition.

*The $20 competition fee is non-refundable outside of a medical condition.

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