Build Unshakable Confidence And Devastating Skills While Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life!
Unleash Your Power, Strength, and Confidence While Learning The Most Devastating Self Defence System In Existence.
Used by military and law enforcement around the globe, Krav Maga is the world's most effective combat system. You will build real confidence, as well as develop a fit physique through strength, skill, ability and agility. Knowing you have the skills and strategies to handle a violent situation brings a peace of mind that is simply un-matched.

We want to make it easy - and at our expense - for you to experience K2 Krav Maga and see for yourself! Here is what you get:
  • 3 CLASSES PACKAGE: Get started with 3 action packed and exhilirating Krav Maga classes
  •  PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION: One of our trainers will work with you one on one so you can familiarize yourself with the program before jumping in the regular class.
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3 Classes + Private Training , and a Free T-Shirt
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“I love it, it makes me feel so strong – I have more energy then I have ever had. Now, 6 months later I’m 28lbs lighter, 4 pants sizes smaller and I have muscles I can now see.”
Dana Andersen – Ottawa
“I find that I am stronger, more fit. I have discovered the ability to push my body further and further everyday. I am breaking through a level of training I never thought I could accomplish.”
Steve Perron – Ottawa
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